Improved pure water is easily absorbed into the body.
Highly concentrated oxygen is dissolved into the water.
Molecular size oxygen is absorbed into the body’s system.
Oxygen’s functionality is activated inside the body.

Drinking for oxygen supply

WOX (oxygen delivery water/ oxygenated water) was generated and developed by a group of doctors of medicine, inspired by vaccine research. WOX water has a technology to ensure that oxygen is taken into the body.

A completely new form of oxygen

WOX is created with the image of oxygen molecules hold by water molecules by using original special technology. The new substance “oxygen clathrate hydrate” in oxygen water WOX is absorbed into the body together with water. In addition, the dissolved oxygen concentration in WOX is stable at the rate of more than 50ppm. Oxygen absorbed by the body dissolves in blood and body fluids as dissolved oxygen.

Since 2004, Mediscience Espoir has been developing new technologies with the potential to revolutionize everything from consumer products to pharmaceuticals. We’ve received over 20 patents to create the following three technologies:

  • Gas/Liquid fusion
  • Nano-metal stabilization
  • Vaccine creation

By incorporating one or more of these into your process or product, the possibilities for improvement are endless.

Gas/Liquid Fusion (WOX)

Our patented and stable O2+H2O attachment creates a revolutionary oxygen delivery system that is more efficient than intaking it through the lungs. Oxygen is necessary for healthy cell function but because of factors like agining, inflammation, poor cardiovascular health and pollution, the lungs can be an insufficient vehicle to meet the body’s needs. But someone who drinks WOX water, can increase their blood oxygen levels in a matter of seconds.

Mediscience Espoir has also developed a line of creams and mists that can deliver oxygen directly to the skin, providing moisture and rejuvenation to the face and healthy function to extremities like fingers and toes.

Uses and Benefits include:

Oxygen + Water

Drink it:

  • More efficient O2 delivery to the bloodstream than lungs.
  • Raises blood oxygen levels within seconds.
  • Speeds up athletic recovery.
  • Implications for treatment of ailments including: Covid-19, Pneumonia, and others.
  • Aids the body’s natural detoxification efforts.

Apply it:

  • Delivers O2 to extremities for people with poor circulation.
  • Gives facial tissue a rejuvenated look.
  • Heals skin after a sunburn.

Water +
Nano Silver

Our patented and stable attachment of O2 and Nano Silver creates a non-toxic sterilization compound for the next generation of cleaning products. It doesn’t cause rust, discoloration or warping so it’s safe for all surfaces including metals, wood and upholstery. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal and since it’s non-toxic, it’s even safe enough for a baby’s hands.

Benefits include:

HT Silver
  • Increases effectiveness of green cleaning products.
  • Non-chemical.
  • Anti-bacterial.
  • Anti-Viral.
  • Anti-Fungal.
  • Doesn’t damage skin, cause rust or deteriorate plastics.
  • Safe enough for baby products.

If your product aids in athletic performance or recovery, medical treatments, overall wellness, cosmetic improvements or sanitation, our technology can help.


Patented Technology

US: US 9,943,815 B2
US: 10,018,605 B2
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Japan: 6367519
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China: ZL 2015 8 0042784.7
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Mediscience-Espoir has received over 15 patents for the development of their gas/liquid fusion technology and product manufacturing. Please contact us if you would like to license this technology for your product.