Story of the founder

Founded in 2004 by Takaaki Matsumoto in Kawasaki city, Japan, Mediscience-Espoir has been working on solving the problem of an oxygen-depleted populace for almost 20 years.

Our bodies need oxygen in order to function properly, recover from exertion and to heal but the lungs are the only instrument our body has to pull oxygen from our environment. Unfortunately, this instrument is not very efficient, especially when faced with challenges like inflammation (pneumonia), illness, or environmental factors.

Many scientists around the world have been working to solve this problem for decades and many have failed to find a stable and scalable solution that would enable oxygen to be delivered to the body via the bloodstream. But Matsumoto never gave up believing it could be done.

Matsumoto started his career as a medical doctor and then became involved in the research and development for tests and treatments for infectious diseases. He focused on developing new, innovative vaccine technologies, and eventually created the vaccine delivery system that allowed a vaccine to be painted onto the skin. In the development of this technology, he and his team realized the potential for other applications including cosmetic and medical.

He founded Mediscience-Espoir with the intention of developing oxygen technologies that had the potential to improve the quality of life for everyone in the world. In 2004, the company commercially released its first cosmetic cream that delivered oxygen directly to the skin and allowed the body to absorb it through the dermis. We also began developing the Nano-silver technology at this time.

In 2011, Mediscience-Espoir developed WOX water, the gas-liquid fusion of O2 and H2O for the purposes of oxygen supplementation, vaccine delivery and cosmetic treatments. Since then, the company has been testing and strengthening our various technologies, releasing new generations as they are perfected.

In 2015, we received manufacturing patents from Japan and the U.S. and measurement patents from Japan, the U.S. and China. In 2021, we received substance patents from the U.S. and China and began the commercialized production and sale of HT Silver 10. In 2022, we expect to release the 6th generation of our vaccine technology.

Please contact us if you’re interested in working with us and our technologies to develop or improve your product.

Management philosophy

  • We continue to pursue high-value products to deliver beauty and health to our customers.
  • While raising awareness of health within our company and wishing its prosperity and all staff’s happiness, fixing our mission in “contribution to the health and well-being of mankind”.
  • We aim to be a leading company in achieving the improvement of quality of life (QOL) by delivering “safe, high-quality products based on people’s wish” to public.

Our Business

  • Development of new products and base materials
  • Development, manufacturing, and sales of WOX® brand “Oxygen Supply Water for supplying oxygen to the body by drinking”
  • Development, manufacturing, and sales of antibacterial and antiviral products by HT Silver brand. Development, manufacturing, and sales of skin care products by CORGRACE © brand.
  • Development, manufacturing and sales of oral care products by SILVION brand.
  • OEM manufacturing and sales of quasi-drugs and cosmetics.
    • Quasi-drugs sales-business license (permission number: 14D0X10009)
    • Quasi-drugs manufacturing license (permission number: 14DZ200064)
    • Cosmetics sales-business license (Licensing Number: 14C0X10019)
    • Cosmetics manufacturing license(Licensing Number: 14CZ200124)

Our History

Established in Kawasaki City on June 4
Commercialized Fourth-Generation Liposom (CORGRACE© Series).
PQ Lab, a research facility, was opened in the Kawasaki New Industry Creation Center and received the following awards in Kawsaki entrepreneur audition.
<Kawasaki entrepreneur excellence award, Risona Bank kanagawa support award, Bank of Yokohama award and Kawasaki Chamber of commerce president award>
Development and release of oxygen supply water WOX© (WOX© manufacturing device)
Established WOX Co., Ltd. as a WOX© sales company
Incorporation QOL Support Study Group into NPO
Development and commercialization of fifth-generation liposomes
Developed “WOX© Manufacturing machine No.1”
Received Higashikurinomiya reward.
Launched CORGRACE© Vector Pack
Developed “WOX© Manufacturing machine No.2” by utilizing METI’s subsidy, “Support for New Development of Manufacturing, Commerce, and Services”
Launched CORGRACE© WOX-sui
Developed “WOX© Manufacturing machine No.3” by utilizing METI’s subsidy, “Support for New Development of Manufacturing, Commerce, and Services”
Launched oxygen steam suction sticks
Certified as a Kanagawa Ganbaru Company
Launched CORGRACE® WOX Scalp Cleansing Gel
Launched AG Wax 10
Launched HT Silver 10
Obtaining “Substance Patent” in the United States and China for oxygen clathrate and oxygen solution. The patent is used for producing Oxygen Delivery Water “WOX”.
Obtaining this “Substance Patent” in Japan.

Company Name

Mediscience Espoir Inc.


Head Office
Room 2-502, 1-2 Shin Tsukakoshi, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa,
Japan 212-0027
Telephone: +81-44-511-2214
FAX : +81-44-533-7438

Room 603, 1-1-5 Kashimada, Saiwai-ku Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa,
Japan 211-0013

Research Laboratories
Room102, 2-79-10 Furuichiba, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa,
Japan 212-0052