At Mediscience-Espoir, we developed a revolutionary manufacturing method that enables us to fuse gas with liquid. By doing this, we’ve opened the door to a new generation of products that not only work better, they can significantly improve people’s quality of life. We’ve developed some of our own products to showcase the power of our technology. Please contact us if you’d live a sample of anything on this page.


WOX water

WOX water is manufactured by wrapping oxygen molecules with fine water molecules. This enables the water to deliver oxygen to the bloodstream via the digestive tract, which is a more efficient way to raise blood oxygen levels than simply breathing. As soon as the person drinks WOX water, it raises their blood oxygen levels within seconds.

This benefits people:

  • Living in an oxygen deficient environment like one with heavy pollution,
  • Suffering from a lung disease or disorder,
  • Suffering from ailments like diabetes that makes distribution of oxygen to the extremities difficult,
  • Who want to speed athletic recovery,
  • Who simply want more energy,
  • And more.

WOX Water is stable at low and high temperatures so it can be frozen and boiled and used in a wide range of food production.

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Face Mask

Our WOX face mask gives skin a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance by delivering an intense moisturizing oxygen and lotion blend to the face. Combine the mask with our Regenerative Mist for an even greater plumping results.

Regenerative Mist

WOX Regenerative Mist uses the same WOX water technology to deliver a moisturizing oxygen and lotion blend to the skin. When applied to the face, the oxygen helps speed cellular turnover which leads to a clearer and brighter complexion. When applied to extremities like the fingers and toes, it helps improve circulation by bringing oxygen to places that are hard for the body to reach on its own. This can help people with poor circulation maintain full use of their hands and feet.

Neo Moisturizer

Neo Moisturizer restores balance to your skin, repairing any damage caused by lack of oxygen. By combining WOX water, HT Silver and other premium ingredients, our Neo Moisturizer delivers oxygen, rich moisture and other nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin. The oxygen restores the skin’s firmness and luster and the HT Silver, which has antibacterial properties, creates a clearer complexion and eliminates the need for preservatives.

To use:

1. Massage a small amount onto your skin using a circular motion.
2. Hold your palms over the moisturized area for 30 seconds.

Inner Marine Moisture Cream

Our Inner Marine Moisture Cream is for mature skin that requires a little extra help. We combine oxygen, phytokin and other moisturizing ingredients to make a cream that delivers replenishing nourishment to the deepest layers of your skin. Inner Marine Moisture Cream keeps aging skin healthy and smooth. You can use the cream as you would any other facial moisturizer.


HT Silver

HT Silver spray can be used to safely sterilize any surface: hands, metal, plastic, wood, painted surfaces and more. It’s antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and chemical-free. It won’t cause rust or discoloration and it won’t break down the skin barrier so it’s safe for every surface including your little one’s hands.